Express Coating Buffer (1x) For ELISA

Microcentrifuge Tubes and Screw Cap

Cell Culture Reagents

T7 RNA Polymerase

Culture Media for Microbial Testing of Water Quality

Guanidine Thiocyanate (GTC) - Key Component for Isolation and Extraction of RNA.

Biochemicals and Reagents for Viral Transport Media Kit

Biochemicals & Reagents for In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Kits

BioLit Protein Markers and Standards

Analytical Volumetric Standard Solutions

SRL Lab Accessories

COVID-19 Diagnostic Products

Nanocrystals Perovskite Quantum Dots, DSSC, Tectomers & Zeolites

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate for Drug Dissolution Testing

Coupling & Cross-Linking Reagents, Linkers & Ligands

Rare Earth Elements

Tissue Culture Reagents

Molecular Biology & Electrophoresis Reagents

GC Derivatizing & Silylating Reagents

Plant Growth Regulators

Analytical Solvents, NMR Solvents, Ion Pairing Reagents & Quartnery Ammonium Compounds


BioLit DNA Ladders & Markers

BioLit PCR Reagents

SafeDye & FluroBronze Stain

SRL Boronic Acids

Biological Buffers


Essential Oils

Restriction Enzymes

Dextrans & Derivatives

Multi-Product Kits

Proteins & Vitamins

Carbohydrates, Essential Oils, Lipids, Fatty Acids & Derivatives

Dyes & Stains

Seraloses for Gel Filtration & Affinity Chromatography

Research Enzymes

Research Antibiotic Powders

Recombinant Proteins

Polyamines - Putrescine Dihydrochloride, Spermine, Spermidine

BioLit qPCR


Culture Media Overview

Silica Gels for Chromatography

Culture Media for Biotechnology & Industrial Applications