The SRL team is more than 300 people strong with 5 Ph.Ds., 70 M.Scs., 80 B.Scs., 15 MBAs 50 field staff, 38 depot employees, 3 research associates and other skilled employees at the head office and a strong workforce at Factory locations.

Our company is a perfect mixture of age diversity. This brings in different experiences, expectations, styles, and perspectives. This is a source of strength of our company which brings in innovative ideas which are addressed and managed in the right way.

As opposed to what SRL was during its inception years in the 1970s, today SRL has 4 state-of-art production facilities in Mumbai & Chennai producing 20000 SKUs of various grades, segments and packing sizes and 5 Distribution warehouses.

For our chemical processes, we process and synthesize all products in Glass-lined, SS or PTFE vessels to keep the products free from ionic, metallic or other contaminants depending on the products which are being processed. The plants handling these complex chemical and biochemical products are FDA approved and operate using cGMP guidelines.

We have pioneered the production of several reagents like Agaroses, Methylenebisacrylamide, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Gel Filtration Media, Electrophoresis Reagents, Atomic Absorption Standard Solutions (AAS), Sodium Biphenyl and many other speciality Reagents and Biochemicals used in research and in industry.

Our highly trained technical staff has gained proficiency in synthesizing & purification of several Aromatic Ketones, Tetra ammonium Hydroxides, Alkyl Sulfonic Acids Sodium Salts, Acid Chlorides, Alkyl Halides, Phosphate Esters, Mutagenic Agents, Scintillating Agents, Spectral & HPLC Solvents, Reagents for Electrophoresis & Molecular Biology, Biological Buffers, Enzyme Substrates, Various Reagents for spot tests and other specialties.

At our production plants, personnel safety and avoidance of hazards are our primary concern. The plant undergoes semi-annual shut-downs and maintenance which make sure that all Unit operations and Utilities are operating at optimum efficiency.


For our microbiological culture media manufacturing, we require environmentally controlled conditions for the production process.. The entire production facility is maintained as Strictly Restricted and Class 8, CE certified and the production is done in SS vessels.

All our media are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology thereby preventing any possible contamination of the product and maintaining the nutritional and restrictive properties of the final product. It is perhaps due to this dedication and obsessiveness to quality, that our products are the first-preference media to more than half the research done within the country and in the Asian continent.

For SRL dehydrated culture media range, the use of the highest quality of raw materials, especially the biologicals, enable our media to give standard colony sizes, colony count and optimum growth parameters along with the specified colony characteristics. The media and supplements give excellent results when tested in diagnostic and pharmaceutical environments due to the manufacture as per cGMP & WHO Standards. Our highly trained and experienced production team ensures that the products we manufacture give the desired consistent results batch after batch.