SRL was founded with an aim to meet life science research needs at a global level through effective collaborative work and finding path-breaking scientific solutions. We encourage, accelerate and promote scientific research by providing high-quality, reliable and sustainable products that are used for the R&D, QC and production requirements of several Industries & Institutions.

Our Vision
To Be The Gold Standard And Preferred Choice In Every Scientific Laboratory.

Our Mission
Our Mission Is To Provide Scientists World Over With An Exhaustive Range Of Highly Reliable Laboratory Products By Adhering To The Highest Quality Standards From Sourcing, Synthesizing, & Packaging to On-Time Deliveries
Mr. S.K Agarwal


Mr. Agarwal has an unmatched zest for life and learning. His recent conquest includes achieving recognition in “Leading Organizations & Change” from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA at the age of 82.

Under his leadership, the company has been awarded and recognized for its significant contribution to the biotechnology segment as 'The MSME of the Year - Sector Chemicals' by the Government of India in 2020. Apart from this, he has been a world committee member of the ISFG (International Scout and Guide Fellowship) organisation. Through his personal interests, he is associated with helping the needs of destitute children, old age homes, rural development and medical donations through trusts and charitable activities.

Mr. Ramesh Agarwal has played the role of a pillar overseeing the growth & expansion of the company for the last 30 years. He has been instrumental in managing the company's marketing, supply chain & procurements by creating robust relationships with suppliers & customers thereby helping smooth operations of the company. He has played a vital role in the 90s post liberalization to create a deep rooted ground for SRL in the highly competitive market.

Mr. Ramesh Agarwal is an unmatched negotiator & is known for his super skills amongst corporate lobbyists.

Mr. Ramesh Agarwal

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Akash Agarwal

Managing Director

A new age leader and visionary, Mr. Akash Agarwal is responsible for innovative strategy and planning. He’s proved to be a catalyst for change at SRL.

Mr. Akash has overseen the expansion of the bulk manufacturing plants, formation of the BioLit division in Chennai, streamlining the supply chain functions and has been engaged in the day-to-day working of the company for more than a decade.

Mr. Vikas Agarwal is not just a good Business Growth Accelerator but an excellent Marketer & Relationship Manager too. With his innovative, contemporary approach he has been able to put in place new-age practices and strategies that have led to the further growth of SRL. He believes in the power of building strong relationships with customers for the greater good of the brand. According to him the best way to learn, grow and meet new people and potential business partners is traveling.

Mr. Vikas says, ”We build long-lasting relationships with customers as we believe customers make an organisation into a brand and give it personality apart from bringing it business. In the end relationships are what carry the company forward”.

Mr. Vikas Agarwal

Joint Managing Director


SRL FAMILY IS MORE THAN 300 PEOPLE STRONG with individuals from different areas of expertise from research and science to business and strategy.