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25 Mg
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Appearance (Colour)


Appearance (Form)

Crystalline powder


min.30 units/mg protein

Protein content

min. 70%

DNase, RNase

Not detected

Unit Definition

One unit will hydrolyze casein to produce color equivalent to 1.0 micromole (181 μg) of tyrosine per minute at pH 7.5 at 37 °C (color by Folin & Ciocalteus reagent).

Enzyme solution for activity determination

Prepared in cold 10 mM sodium acetate buffer, pH 7.5.

Not for medicinal use


Application :

The Proteinase K offered by SRL is a very high quality product, commonly used in molecular biology & biochemistry applications to digest protein and remove contamination from preparations of nucleic acid. Addition of Proteinase K to nucleic acid preparations rapidly inactivates nucleases that might otherwise degrade the DNA or RNA during purification.

It is highly suited to this application since the enzyme is active in the presence of chemicals that denature proteins, such as SDS and urea, chelating agents such as EDTA, sulfhydryl reagents, as well as trypsin or chymotrypsin inhibitors.

Proteinase K is used for the destruction of proteins in cell lysates (tissue, cell culture cells) and for the release of nucleic acids, since it very effectively inactivates DNases and RNases.

Some examples for applications: Proteinase K is very useful in the isolation of highly native, undamaged DNAs or RNAs, since most microbial or mammalian DNases and RNases are rapidly inactivated by the enzyme, particularly in the presence of 0.5-1% SDS. Purification of genomic DNA from bacteria (miniprep): bacteria from a saturated liquid culture are lysed and proteins are removed by a digest with 100 ug/ml Proteinase K for 1 hr at 37 °C.

The enzyme"s activity towards native proteins is stimulated by denaturants such as SDS. In contrast, when measured using peptide substrates, denaturants inhibit the enzyme. The reason for this result is that the denaturing agents unfold the protein substrates and make them more accessible to the protease.


-20 °C (Blue/Dry Ice)

Shelf Life

60 Months

IMDG Identification

Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)

HSN Code :

1 Gms

35079099 (GST 18%)

10 Mg

35079099 (GST 18%)

100 Mg

35079099 (GST 18%)

25 Mg

35079099 (GST 18%)

500 Mg

35079099 (GST 18%)

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5116877-36537903060 GeM link