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Product Classification by Applications
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  Alkaline Peptone Water
  Amies Transport Medium without Charcoal
  Amies Transport Medium with Charcoal
  Beef Extract Broth (ex. Buffalo)
  BIGGY Agar
  Bismuth Sulfite Agar (I)
  Blood Agar Base
  Blood Agar Base (w/o sheep blood)
  Blood Agar, Base with Low pH
  Bordet - Gengou Agar, Base (w/o rabbit blood)
  Brain Heart Infusion Agar
  Brain Heart Infusion Broth
  Cary - Blair Transport Medium, Base ( w/o charcoal )
  Cetrimide Agar, Base
  Chocolate Agar, Base
  CLED Agar
  CLED Agar with Andrade Indicator
  Columbia Agar, Base
  Deoxycholate Agar
  Dextrose Agar
  Dextrose Broth
  EMB Agar
  Fungal Agar with Low pH
  Hoyle Medium, Base
  Lowenstein - Jensen Medium, Base
  MacConkey Agar
  MacConkey Agar with 0.15% Bile salts, C.V. and NaCl (U/P)
  MacConkey Agar without C.V., NaCl, with 0.5% Sodium Taurocholate
  MacConkey Broth
  MacConkey Broth, Double Strength
  MacConkey Broth, Purple
  MacConkey Broth - Purple, Double Strength
  Mannitol Salt Agar (U/P)
  MR - VP Medium
  Mueller - Hinton Agar
  Mueller - Hinton Broth
  Nitrate Agar
  Nitrate Broth (I) (B/S)
  Nutrient Agar
  Nutrient Agar, pH 6 with 0.8 % NaCl
  Nutrient Broth
  Nutrient Broth w/ 1% Peptone (I/P)(B/P)
  Nutrient Broth, pH 6.9 w/o NaCl
  Peptone Iron Agar
  Peptone Water
  Peptone Water with Phenol Red
  Phenol Red Agar, Base
  Phenylalanine Agar
  PPLO Agar, Base ( w/o Bovine serum )
  Pseudomonas Agar for Fluorescein
  Pseudomonas Agar for Pyocyanin
  Pseudomonas Isolation, Base
  Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (U/P)(I/P)
  Sabouraud Glucose Broth
  Salmonella Shigella Agar
  SIM Medium (Sulfite Indole Motility Medium)
  Simmonís Citrate Agar
  Soyabean Casein Digest Agar (U/P)(I/P)
  Stuart Transport Medium
  TCBS Agar
  Thayer-Martin Medium, Base
  Triple Sugar Iron Agar (I)
  Tryptone Broth
  Tryptone Soya Agar
  Urea Agar, Base (I) (B/S)
  Urea Broth, Base
  Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar (XLD Agar)(U/P) (I/P)