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Product Classification by Applications
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  Alkaline Peptone Water
  Amies Transport Medium w/o Charcoal
  Amies Transport Medium w/ Charcoal
  Beef Extract Broth (ex. Buffalo)
  BIGGY Agar (Nickerson Medium)
  Bismuth Sulphite Agar (I)
  Blood Agar Base
  Blood Agar Base (w/o sheep blood)
  Blood Agar Base w/ Low pH
  Bordet - Gengou Agar, Base (w/o rabbit blood)
  Brain Heart Infusion Agar (BHI Agar)
  Brain Heart Infusion Broth (BHI Broth)
  Cary - Blair Transport Medium, Base ( w/o charcoal )
  Cetrimide Agar, Base
  Chocolate Agar, Base
  CLED Agar
  CLED Agar w/ Andrade Indicator
  Columbia Agar, Base
  Deoxycholate Agar
  Dextrose Agar
  Dextrose Broth
  EMB Agar
  Fungal Agar with Low pH (Mycological Agar w/ low pH)
  Hoyle Medium, Base
  Lowenstein - Jensen Medium, Base
  MacConkey Agar
  MacConkey Agar w/ 0.15% Bile salts, C.V. and NaCl (U/P)
  MacConkey Agar w/o C.V., NaCl w/ 0.5% Sodium Taurocholate
  MacConkey Broth (MacConkey Broth w/ Neutral Red)
  MacConkey Broth Double Strength w/ Neutral Red
  MacConkey Broth Purple
  MacConkey Broth Purple Double Strength w/ BCP
  Mannitol Salt Agar (U/P)
  MR-VP Medium (Glucose Phosphate Broth, Buffered Glucose Broth)
  Mueller Hinton Agar (MH Agar)
  Mueller Hinton Broth (MH Broth)
  Nitrate Agar
  Nitrate Broth (I) (B/S)
  Nutrient Agar
  Nutrient Agar pH 6 w/ 0.8 % NaCl
  Nutrient Broth
  Nutrient Broth w/ 1% Peptone (I/P)(B/P)
  Nutrient Broth, pH 6.9 w/o NaCl
  Peptone Iron Agar
  Peptone Water
  Peptone Water w/ Phenol Red
  Phenol Red Agar, Base
  Phenylalanine Agar
  Pseudomonas Agar for Fluorescein
  Pseudomonas Agar for Pyocyanin
  Pseudomonas Isolation Agar, Base
  Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (U/P)(I/P)
  Sabouraud Glucose Broth
  SS Agar (Salmonella Shigella Agar)
  SIM Medium (Sulfite Indole Motility Medium)
  Simmon`s Citrate Agar
  Stuart Transport Medium
  TCBS Agar
  Thayer-Martin Medium, Base
  Triple Sugar Iron Agar (I)
  Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water)
  Tryptone Soya Agar (TSA) (Soyabean Casein Digest Agar, SCDA)
  Urea Agar, Base (I) (B/S)
  Urea Broth, Base
  Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar (XLD Agar)(U/P) (I/P)