Pack Size


1 Gms

Prices are indicative and are subject to change

Appearance (Colour)

Dark green to reddish brown

Appearance (Form)

Lyophilized powder


2000 - 5000U/mg protein

Protein content

min. 55%

Unit Definition

One unit will decompose 1.0 micromole of hydrogen peroxide per minute at pH 7.0 at 25 °C., while the hydrogen peroxide concentration falls from 10.3 to 9.2 mM measured by the rate of decrease of absorbance at 240 nm..

Enzyme solution for activity determination

Prepared in 0.05 M potassium phosphate buffer, pH 7.0


-20 °C (Blue/Dry Ice)

Shelf Life

60 Months

IMDG Identification

Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)

HSN Code :

1 Gms

35079099 (GST 18%)

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