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SRL has always been on the forefront of breaking new threshholds, and developing new products for our educational & research based customers. Our expertise in microbiological products extend to all fields of Research, education, environment health & safety studies, life-form evaluations and pharmaceutical & food quality control. This attitude has helped us maintain the loyalty of some of the most prominent microbiologists, pathologists and diagnostic laboratories around the world. We still like to focus on the educational customer segment, for this is the core of creative & developmental science.

We continue to tighten our manufacturing and QC testing practices and are standardizing every aspect of our operational procedures to maintain absolute consistency of our products & services. Our CE certification reinforces our values and perhaps this is one the main reasons that we have a very extensive scientific base in European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and South-East Asian Countries where we compete with global players for our range of microbiology products. The ever-increasing customer confidence is a handsome feather in our cap.

Quality Control

We make sure to use only the best quality of raw materials, packaging material and testing organisms and conduct all stringent testing operations in climate controlled dehumidified facilities for the manufacture & storage of our products.

Our technical team utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and periodically up-grade their knowledge base to incorporate newer and more advance testing methods & value-adding processes.

››  Why ‘SRL’ Dehydrated Culture Media ?

Our product range includes,

SRL Dehydrated Culture Media: A range of almost 900 products for various microbiology & biotechnology applications.

SRL Media Supplements: Includes a range of highly purified antibiotic and media supplements to give superior results.

SRL ChroMed® Range: For customers who need chromogenic media for multi-step analyses, this range is ideal.

SRL Media Kits: One of our most popular & unique offerings especially designed for the waste-concious user, for educational & academic users and diagnostic laboratories. We are proud to have become a part of many schools and colleges across Asia who have adapted our innovative kits into their regular curriculum.

Harmonized Media Range: This range of products are standardized especially (but not limited) to use in pharmaceutical laboratories and applications. The manufacture, testing and labeling is done in accordance to the methods specified in the USP, EP, BP and JP.

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