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Grades of Purity

SRL products always adhere to the highest grades of quality. However, we understand that our multiple grades may sometimes tend to overlap or disorient users. The explanations below give an approximate representation of our grades and the most closely suited applications. All products in this catalogue are wholly suited to research applications, experimentation, quality control, and the publishing of research documents subject to correct selection by the user(s).

AAS For Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy specially suited for AAS instrumentation.
ACS Complying with the specifications of American Chemical Society reference manuals for laboratory grade reagents.
CHR Chromatographically Homogenous Reagents, for critical analysis and biochemical studies.
Dried Contain reduced water content for anhydrous reactions, synthesis and assays.
Electronic Very low ionic impurities and typically suited for electronics, semiconductors and high-end applications.
ExiPlus Products complying with the compendial specifications of USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) or BP (British Pharmacopoeia) or Ph.Eur (European Pharmacopoeia) or all. For production, quality control and laboratory applications.
Extrapure Purified grade suited for general laboratory applications or synthesis.
Extrapure AR Equivalent to ANALAR specifications, for critical laboratory analysis and quality production applications.
GC-HS For Gas Chromatography (w/ Head Space) and suited for use in GC instrumentation.
High Purity Having high levels of assay as compared to other similar products in their class/category. Specially synthesized and purified for critical applications.
HPLC For High Performance Liquid Chromatography and suited for use in HPLC instrumentation.
Microbiology/Bacteriology For microbiological and bacteriological application & studies.
Microscopy Typically dyes, stains and indicators (powders and solutions) used for microscopy, biotechnology, biochemistry and histology.
Molecular Biology For molecular biology, cell culture, tissue culture, genetics, research, proteomics, and all such applications, tested non-detected for DNAse, RNAse and Protease and very low in metallic impurities.
NMR Spectroscopy Solvents for NMR studies suited to most advanced NMR instrumentation.
OAS Organic Analytical Standard for reference studies.
Pure/Technical/Practical/Grade General grades for synthesis and routine applications.
Scintillation Ideal for scintillation studies.
Ultrapure Highly purified grade with extremely low content of elemental impurities.
UV Spectroscopy For Ultra-Violet Spectroscopy and suited for use in UV instrumentation.
For Pharmaceutical Grade Labelled Products (only supplied to customers holding a valid Drug Licence)
IP Indian Pharmacopoeia.
BP British Pharmacopoeia.
USP-NF United States Pharmacopoeia & The National Formulary.

For Dehydrated Culture Media
Harmonized Typically culture media prepared as recommended by ICH Guidelines.
Bacteriology For microbiological, biotech, agricultural research application and studies.
(I/P) Typically culture media prepared as recommended by IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia) Guidelines.
(U/P) Typically culture media prepared as recommended by USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) Guidelines.
(B/S) Typically culture media prepared as recommended by BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards) Guidelines.
(I) Typically culture media prepared as recommended by ISO (International Standards Organization) Guidelines.

The Information here is not our recommendation, but simply a guide and the Company waives any liability due to any claim(s) arising as a result. In in doubt, user's are recommended to contact the Company.
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