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BioLit DNA & Protein Tools

Our BioLit products range encompasses an assortment of DNA, protein markers & ladders, a variety of Taq polymerases, cloning vectors, an array of buffers, reagents & solutions, tools for DNA & protein purifications, and a medley of educational teaching kits. All these products are designed to be highly pure, precise, ready-to-use and have established a niche for their quality, precision and long-term stability.

Over the last few years, we have observed a gradual shift to more 'Safe' and 'Environmentally Friendly' technologies. In view of these industry developments, our catalogue now contains a revolutionary range of offerings and product combinations to suit these requirements.

Some of these products are

FluroBronze Markers/Ladders - Fluorescent DNA ladders & markers

These special DNA ladders and marker (RTU) packs contain, in addition to tracking dyes, a non-carcinogenic nucleic acid stain for detection of the ladder bands. This nucleic acid stain (FluroBronze Stain) replaces ethidium bromide (a known potential mutagen if not handled carefully) in agarose gel preparation.

Restriction Enzymes

Common and widely used restriction enzymes in appealing pack sizes, such as HindIII, EcoRI, EcoRV, BamHI, KpnI, PvuII, BglI, SmaI, PstI, EcoRV, DraI, etc.

Environmentally friendly Combo packs of DNA ladders & markers

Combo packs containing regular or fluorescent ladders/markers accompanied with a special loading buffer which can be used for other nucleic acid samples.

Environmentally friendly Stains and dyes

The 'environmentally friendly' SafeDye and FluroBronze Stains, keeps our goal for a green environment alive, and guides customers towards a safer scientific world.

Ready-to-use buffers

To help students and first-time researchers we bring ready-to-use Gel Mixes for SDS-PAGE analysis. This prevents pipetting errors and minimizes the time in preparation of polyacrylamide gels.

All these are in the Ready-to-Use form for easy of application by the user. Testing and Manufacturing is done under expert supervision and guidance using the state-of-the-art techniques. We ensure that these products generate optimum results, minimum variation and maximum reproducibility for consistent long term usage.

We have made special efforts to select just the right pack sizes and product characteristics for precise usage. Even prominent Industry veterans have verified and attested these products and given excellent feedback.

The product range at a glance :
 BioLit Ladders, Markers & Vectors
 Cloning Vectors
 DNA Ladders
 Ready-to-use DNA Molecular Weight Standards
 Ready-to-use Protein Molecular Weight Standards
 Reference Digests/Markers
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