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With over 4 decades of experience in the manufacturing very high quality research enzymes, Sisco Research Laboratories (SRL) Research Enzymes are preferred by thousands of scientists and researchers worldwide for research, fermentation, bio-catalysis, bio-fuel and production applications.

Due to the state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, we have been able to master enzyme manufacture from plant, animal, bacteria, fungal and recombinant sources and guarantee the claimed high activity, purity and thermal stability parameters.

  Acylase 1 (ACY1) ex. Porcine Kidney, 1000U/mg
  Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ALD) ex. Bakers Yeast, 300U/mg
  Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) ex. Calf Intestine Mucosa, 1.5-2.0U/mg
  Alkalophilic Proteinase ex. Streptomyces Sp., 20U/mg
  L-Alpha Glycerophosphate Oxidase (GPO) ex. Microorganism, 15U/mg
  a-Amylase ex. Malt 1:2000 (Fungal Diastase ex. Aspergillus Oryzae)
  a-Amylase ex. Porcine Pancreas, 10-25U/mg
  Aprotinin ex. Bovine Lung, 5400U/mg
  L-Ascorbate Oxidase (Type 2) ex. Acremonium Sp., 350U/mg
  L-Ascorbate Oxidase (Type 1) ex. Cucumber, 150U/mg
  Avidin ex. Egg White, 10-15U/mg
  B-Glucosidase ex. Sweet Almonds (Type 2B), 10U/mg solidsnew
  B-Glucosidase ex. Sweet Almonds (Type 2A), 10U/mg solidsnew
  Bilirubin Oxidase ex. Myrothecium, 1.2U/mg
  Bromelain ex. Pineapple Stem, 2400 GDU/g
  Butyrylcholine Esterase (BCHE) ex. Horse Serum, 45U/mg
  Catalase (CAT) ex. Bovine Liver, 11700U/mg
  Cellulase ex. Aspergillus Niger (Meicellase), 13000CMC U/g
  Cellulase Onozuka R-10 ex. Trichoderma Viride, 10000U/g
  Cellulase 'Onozuka' FA ex. Trichoderma Viride, 2500U/g
  Cellulase 'Onozuka' RS ex. Trichoderma Viride, 16000U/g
  Cholesterol Esterase (CE) ex. Porcine Pancreas, 35U/mg solids
  Cholesterol Oxidase ex. Streptomyces Sp., 15U/mg solids
  a-Chymotrypsin (3x cryst) ex. Bovine Pancreas, 7500ATEE U/mg (1000NF U/mg)
  a-Chymotrypsinogen A (5x cryst) ex. Bovine Pancreas, 45U/mg
  Creatininase ex. Recombinant E.Coli, 500U/mg
  Creatinine Deiminase ex. Microorganism, 10U/mg solids
  D-Amino Acid Oxidase (DAA, DAO, DAMOX) ex. Porcine Kidney, 6000U/g
  D-Fructose Dehydrogenase ex. Gluconobacter Sp., 20U/mg
  Deoxyribonuclease I - Type 1B (DNase I) ex. Bovine Pancreas for molecular biology, 1800Kunitz U/mgnew
  Deoxyribonuclease I - Type 2A (DNase I) ex. Bovine Pancreas for molecular biology, 400Kunitz U/mg, 85% Protein
  Deoxyribonuclease I - Type 2B (DNase I) ex. Bovine Pancreas for MB, 400Kunitz U/mgnew
  Deoxyribonuclease I - Type 1A (DNase I) ex. Bovine Pancreas for molecular biology, 1800Kunitz U/mg
  Diaphorase ex. Clostridium Sp., 30U/mg
  Elastase (ELA, PPE) ex. Porcine Pancreas, 200U/mg
  Elastase (ELA, PPE) ex. Porcine Pancreas, 10U/mg Proteinnew
  B-Galactosidase (BGAL) ex. E. Coli, 500U/mg
  β-Glucanase ex. Aspergillus Niger, 60U/g
  Glucoamylase ex. Rhizopus Sp., 30U/mg
  Glucose Dehydrogenase ex. Microorganism, 250U/mg
  Glucose Oxidase (GOD) ex. Aspergillus Niger, 100U/mg
  Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase ex. Leuconostoc Mesenteroides, 400U/mg
  B-Glucosidase ex. Sweet Almonds (Type 1), 1000U/mg
  a-Glucosidase (Maltase) ex. Yeast, 100U/mg
  b-Glucuronidase (BG, Ketodase) ex. Helix Pomatia, 1000U/mg
  Glutamate Dehydrogenase (L-GLDH) ex. Bovine Liver, 10U/mg
  Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (GOT) ex. Porcine Heart, 180U/mg
  Glycerol Kinase (GK) ex. Microorganism, 30U/mg
  Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase ex. Rabbit Muscle, 15U/mg
  Hexokinase ex. Saccharomyces Sp. 150U/mg
  D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase (3-HBDH) ex. Pseudomonas Sp., 100U/mg
  Invertase (Saccharase) ex. Candida Sp., 100U/mg
  D-Lactate Dehydrogenase (D-LDH) ex. Microorganism, 400U/mg
  L-Lactate Dehydrogenase (L-LDH) ex. Rabbit Muscle, 400-600U/mg
  r-Lactate Dehydrogenase (r-LDH) ex. E. Coli (Thermostable), 200U/mg solids
  Leucine Dehydrogenase (LeuDH) ex. Bacillus Sp., 20U/mg
  Lipase (Steapsin) ex. Microorganism, 40-70U/mg
  Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) ex. Pseudomonas Sp, 20U/mg
  Lipoxidase ex. Soyabean, 100000U/mg
  Lysozyme (3x cryst) ex. Egg white (Muramidase) for molecular biology, 15000U/mg
  Lysozyme (3x cryst) ex. Egg white (Muramidase) for molecular biology, 25000U/mgnew
  Macerozyme R-10 ex. Trichoderma & Aspergillus Niger, 10000U/g
  Macerozyme R-10 ex. Rhizopus Sp., 3000U/g
  Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH) ex. Porcine Heart (Suspension in 3.2M (NH2)2SO4 & 0.1M KH2PO4)
  Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH) ex. Microorganism, 40U/mg
  Mutarotase (MUT) ex. Porcine Kidney, 1500U/mg
  Neuraminidase ex. Clostridium Perfringens
  Pancreatin 4NF extrapure
  Pancreatin 3x ex. Porcine Pancreas, 75U/mg
  Papain 1x USP ex. Papaya Latex, 6000USP U/mg
  Papain 2x USP ex. Papaya Latex (cryst), 25U/mg
  Papain 5x USP ex. Papaya Latex, 30000USP U/mg
  Pectinase ex. Aspergillus Niger, 3.5U/mg
  Pepsin 1:10000 ex. Porcine Stomach Mucosa, 2.5Anson U/mg
  Pepsin 1:3000 ex. Porcine Stomach Mucosa, 0.8Anson U/mg
  Pepsin (2x cryst.) ex. Porcine Stomach Mucosa, 2500U/mg
  Pepsin 1:10000 ex. Porcine Stomach Mucosa extrapure AR, 2.5Anson U/mg
  Peroxidase ex. Horseradish RZ 3.0 (HRP Type 1), 250U/mg
  Peroxidase ex. Horseradish RZ 2.0 (HRP Type 2), 110U/mg
  Peroxidase ex. Horseradish RZ 2.0 (HRP Type 3), 180U/mg
  Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase (PEPC) ex. Maize Leaves, 1U/mg
  Phospholipase D (Lecithinase D) ex. Streptomyces chromofuscus, 40U/mg
  Phosphorylase B ex. Rabbit Muscle, 50U/mg
  r-POD (Recombinant Peroxidase), 1500U/mg
  Proline Specific Endopeptidase ex. Flavobacterium Sp., 5U/mg
  Protease ex. Aspergillus Oryzae (Fungal) (Type 1 - Acidic, powder), 500kHUT/g
  Protease ex. Bacillus Subtilis (Type 2 - Alkaline, granules), 100kAPU/g
  Protease ex. Bacillus Subtilis (Type 3 - Alkaline, granules), 1000kAPU/g
  Protease ex. Bacillus Licheniformis (Type 4 - Neutral, powder), 10U/mg
  Protease ex. Bacillus Sp. (Type 5 - Neutral, granules), 8kNPU/g
  Protease ex. Bacillus Subtilis (Type 6 - Neutral, powder), 100kNPU/g
  Proteinase K ex. Pichia Pastoris (Type D - Recombinant) for molecular biology & PCR, 30U/mg
  Proteinase K ex. Pichia Pastoris (Type E - Recombinant) for molecular biology & PCR, 40U/mg
  Proteinase K ex. Tritirachium Album (Type A) for molecular biology, 30U/mg
  Proteinase K ex. Tritirachium Album (Type C) for molecular biology, 20U/mg
  Proteinase K ex. Tritirachium Album (Type B), 30U/mg
  Pyruvate Dehydrogenase ex. Microorganism, 2.0U/mg
  Pyruvate Kinase ex. Rabbit Muscle, 100U/mg
  r-Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase ex. Leuconostoc Mesenteroides extrapure
  r-Malate Dehydrogenase (r-MDH) (Thermostable), 500U/mg
  Ribonuclease A (RNase A) ex. Bovine Pancreas, 15Kunitz/mg
  Ribonuclease A (RNase A) ex. Bovine Pancreas for molecular biology, 50Kunitz/mgnew
  Sarcosine Oxidase (SOX) ex. Recombinant E.coli, 20U/mg
  Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) ex. Bovine Erythrocytes, 3000U/mg
  Trypsin ex. Bovine Pancreas, 0.2Anson U/g (2000U/g)
  r-Trypsin - Type Standard ACF ex. Porcine, 800U/mg
  Trypsin ex. Porcine Gastric Mucosa, 0.2Anson U/g (2000U/g)
  Trypsin 1:250 ex. Bovine Pancreas, 1000BAEE U/mg
  Trypsin (3x cryst.) ex Bovine Pancreas, 7500BAEE U/mg (2500NF U/mg)
  Tyrosinase (Polyphenol Oxidase) ex. Mushroom, 1000U/mg
  Urease ex. Jack Beans, 200U/mg
  r-Urease (Thermostable) ex. E. Coli, 150U/mg
  r-Uricase (Thermostable) ex. Yeast, 3U/mg
  Xanthine Oxidase ex. Microorganism, 15U/mg
  Xanthine Oxidase ex. Butter Milk, 0.4-1.0U/mg
  Xylanase ex. Aspergillus Niger, 60MU/g

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