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New Product Code 40566
Product Code 2040264
Product Name

Titanium Dioxide Ultrapure Nanopowder

CAS Number 13463-67-7
HS Code 282300.10
Classification TOP ›› Part C - Nanopowders & Carbon Nanotubes (CNT's) ›› General Nanopowders (Oxides, Carbides, Carbonates, Sulphides, etc.) ›› Titanium Dioxide Ultrapure Nanopowder
Specifications Product Datasheet Stock Check
  TiO2-Rutile M.W. 79.87
APS ........... 250 nm
Available Packages
Code Size Price  
A 25 Gms
INR 3500.00  
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B 100 Gms
INR 9800.00  
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C 250 Gms
INR 19000.00  
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