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Quality Control

At SRL, we say,

"Quality" is the nucleus of all our operations and activities.

For Research Chemicals, Nanotechnology & BioLit™ Products

The Quality of each product or group of products is defined in various parameters depending upon the grades and applications of the reagents. All products are graded as Pure, Extrapure, Analytical Reagents (AR) and Ultrapure, based on international standards or based on applications like HPLC, Spectroscopy, Electrophoresis, Non-aqueous Titrations, Molecular Biology, Scintillation and others (as applicable).

Quality control is done using the the very latest testing techniques and procedures as provided by internationally updated databases around the globe. The facilities have in-house labs which are completely equipped with all necessary Instrumentation and Equipment required to perform State-of-the-Art Quality Control.

All Procedures and Systems dictated by our ISO 9001:2015 are the norm and are an integral part of the SRL Quality Philosophy. All records pertaining to the life cycle of each product are stored safely and are available for Customer Audits and Certification Visits.

For Dehydrated Culture Media

The high quality of our dehydrated culture media is achieved by critical control on the quality of raw material ingredients, both chemically defined and non-defined, as per the WHO and other prescribed international standards.

The pH of all our products has been adjusted to give the desired post-autoclaving pH and no further adjustments are necessary on behalf of the customer. All our product batches undergo a stringent Quality Control Analysis and Growth Testing using ATCC (American Type Cell Culture) strains only.

Other characterteristics like gel strength, solution clarity, inhibitory and nutritional parameters and Absolute and Relative Growth Index (AGI & RGI) of the media & supplements are given special consideration during development, research & formulation stages.

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