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Marketing and Distribution
Indian Representation:

SRL products are marketed and distributed through a wide network of Authourised Stockists in virtually every city of India. This infrastructure is supported by professional and energised teams of Sales Personnel who provide personalized interactions with individual customers.

We regularly publish informative literature, brochures and catalogs every year encompassing newly introduced products and services. All literature and information is available on request via the website or by mail.

SRL is registered with almost all Govt & Private Institutions of National and International repute and our brand enjoys a strong patronage from our scientist customers.

Overseas representation:

Due to regular inquiries from almost 200 contries weekly, we have been successful in reaching out to all major research and biotechnology centres in the world. In order to extend our priority service to these customers in different countries, we work with SRL Authorized Stockists or Distributors who stock and distribute our products in their respective regions.

We export our products to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asian Countries, Europe, Latin Americas and Australia.

You may navigate through the Stockists portion of this website to locate the stockists in your region. If you do not find your region listed, please contact us at and we will be glad to connect to the concerned distributors.


Interaction with the scientific community in universities, research institutions and R&D Centres is the key to "innovation" in selecting new products in our range. Regular participation in exhibitions, road shows and product displays are a common feature for our customers.

It is our constant effort to urge the community forward with the best support that we can provide and we shall always strive to do so.

Sourcing @ Bio-Indenta:

Over our years of experience in servicing the scientific and research community, we have also introduced many allied product ranges through our subsidiary division, Bio-Indenta.

This division handles the sourcing & distribution of products not easily available to the regular customer (rare products, difficult-to-handle products, specific-quality-parameter products, non-standard quantity, difficult to find products, etc.) We have had the pleasure to be associated with some of the world leading companies in specialized fields like

- Bachem (Switzerland) 
- Carbosynth (UK) 
- Elicityl SA (France) and others.

These alliances are formed with only one view, to provide our customers with the highest quality of services so that they can perform their research and quality control effectively.

Please visit the detailed page for Bio-Indenta to get complete information about the division and its offerings.

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